These are the 5 stages of effective studying. They can serve as a guideline to ease your studying and hopefully make it more structured.  Always remember that studying is a life-long process so learn to have fun while you study.

1 Preparation Stage

Read the chapter at a fast pace to familiar yourself with new words or phrase. Do not worry that you do not understand what you read.

2 Absorbing Stage

Immediately read the same chapter at a slower pace where you can understand, absorb and catch the meaning of the real content.

3. Understanding Stage

Close your book, reflect on what you have read and confirm your understanding of the chapter.

If you are unable to recall what you have read at this point; go back to Stage 2.

4. Short Term Memory Stage

2 hours later: If you can recall what you have read and understood then you have successfully committed it to your short term memory (retention period less than a week)

5. Long Term Memory Stage

2 Days later; Recall your understanding of the chapter. If you can still recall what you have read then you have successfully stored the information in your subconscious mind (your long term memory). You will be able to recall this in a month, few months even a year or more.

When you train you gain

If you can share what you have learned with your friends (repeating at least 8 times) you will definitely reinforced the imprint in your memory. To master a skill you will have to impart your knowledge to as many people as possible. The best teacher is your own experience.