12. The Future Perfect Continuous Tense

I will have been playing We will have been playing

You will have been playing You will have been playing

He/She/It will have been playing They will have been playing

When you are using the Future Perfect Continuous Tense in speaking or informal writing you may contract the subject and the first auxiliary verb:-

For example: I’ll, We’ll, You’ll, He’ll, She’ll, It’ll, They’ll

We usually use the future perfect continuous tense for long action before some time in the future. And this tense is used to:

  • Determine how long the action will be in progress in the future
  • Show the length of time the action will be in the future
  • State the results of the action in the future
  • Indicate a continuous action at a stated point and continue into the future
  • Identify 2 future actions, one after another

Some examples of the future perfect continuous tense are:

  • We will have been staying in this house for 3 years by end of December.
  • By next year, my daughter will have been studying 4 years in the University.
  • In two minutes, we will have been waiting one hour for the bus.
  • Michael will have been working for 5 years next May.
  • The bus driver will have been transporting my children for 2 years end of this month.
  • The children will be tired as they will have been traveling for over 10 hours.
  • My husband will have been working in China 8 years this February.