Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

What is Tense?

Let’s look at tenses in a simplicity format by the timing of:-

“Past” – “Present” – “Future”

In English, the concept of tense is very important. “Tense” – a noun is defined as a form of a verb used to indicate the time and sometimes the continuation or the completeness of an action in relation to the time of speaking.

Tense is a way we use in English referring to the time of “Past” – “Present” – “Future”.

We have already seen how we can use the above 3 timings “Past” – “Present” – “Future” in the Simple Tense. We still have 3 more tenses to deal with. Listed are the 4 categories of tenses:-

  • Simple Tense
  • Continuous Tense (also known as “Participle Tense”)
  • Perfect Tense
  • Continuous Perfect Tense

We will deal with each tenses one by one so as not to “cloud one’s mind”.