In order for you to improve on your spoken English, you will have to begin speaking in English whenever possible. There are 3 very important tips to improve your spoken English………

1. Think in English


You will have to think in English and not in your mother tongue dialect or language. Most people made the mistake of doing the opposite by thinking in their mother tongue and mentally translate the sentence into English just before speaking. All languages have different sentence structure and therefore it is a great mistake to think in a different language when wanting to speak in English.

2. Dare to speak

You must not be shy to start practising your spoken English. Speak to anyone who understand English now. Do not…. I repeat ….. do not wait until you have mastered your English to perfection to start. Start now!!!

3. Willing to learn

Tell everyone that you are learning English and that you would like them to correct you if they can. Always be willing to accept criticisms constructively and learn from them.