The words of English Language are classified as “Parts of the Speech” and are named according to their functions. This means that every word, depending on its use, falls into one of the 9 categories:-

1. The Article
There are 3 articles in English Language. They are a, an, the

2. The Noun
A noun is the name of a person, animal, place or thing, e.g. James, dog, house or book.

3. The Verb
A verb may be said to be a “doing” word e.g. eat, sing, sleep, play.

4. The Pronoun
A pronoun takes the place of a noun, e.g. he, she, it, they, we.

5. The Adjective
An adjective describes a noun or a pronoun, e.g.beautiful, kind, happy.

6. The Adverb
An adverb generally modifies a verb, e.g. here, suddenly, timidly.

7. The Preposition
A preposition shows the relation between one thing and another e.g. on, against, for.

8. The Conjunction
A conjunction is a word used for joining words and clauses together e.g. but, and.

9. The Exclamation or Interjection
An exclamation or interjection expresses sudden emotion e.g. Stop! Attention!