The English Language is the most widely used language around the world. It is an international language used by young and old in all parts of the world to communicate with each other, be it in school, university, office, at home, business meeting, through phones, fascimile, email etc.

It owes its widespread use to the fact that it is the most progressive of modern languages. It is easily understood, however, majority of people who speaks English daily do not do it in the correct tenses or grammar. This site is aimed at helping those who want some help to improve on their spoken and written English.


The origin of the language is really fuzzy, we would assume it comes from England, but it was said that the language was first spoken by various tribes in Denmark and Northern Germany and was introduced into England when they settled here in the fifth and sixth centuries.


The majority of words in English are of this Anglo-Saxon origin but, with the progress of civilization and the continuous contact with other countries, many words are now in common use which have their origin in such languages as Latin, Greek, Celtic, French, Dutch and German.


The objective of this site is to help those who want to improve on their part of speech, grammar and tenses and to master better written and spoken English.

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Working Overtime