Conjunctions can also be placed under 8 different headings.  Lets look at the first 2 headings; Time and Place

1.  Time

Conjunctions used to indicate time are: after, before, since, until, till, when, whenever, while, now that, as


  • After Mary opened the door she switched on the light.
  • The boy paused before he crossed the road.
  • Since we have know each other we have remained great friends.
  • We will wait here until the next bus arrives.
  • We cannot make a decision till we hear Peter’s side of his story.
  • The play was already started when we arrived at the theatre.
  • We shall have ten minutes play time whenever it is possible.
  • While there is a chance, we shall not give up.
  • Now that the matter had been put to rest, we shall not talk about it.
  • As I was on my way out, I fell.

2.   Place

Conjunctions indicating place are: whence, where, wherever, whither


  • She looked back whence she had come.
  • Sally was told to place the magazines where everyone can see them.
  • The dog must be found wherever he might be.
  • Whither thou goest, I will go.