The next two (the 5th and 6th headings) under Conjunctions are: Condition and Manner or Degree:

5.  Condition

The conjunctions under the heading Condition are: except that, if, unless


  • Except that she is very new and inexperience, her attitude towards the job is good.
  • I will inform you of the outcome if I get it today.
  • Mary will not come to the party unless you send her an invitation.

6.   Manner or Degree

The Conjunctions under the heading Manner or Degree are: as, as…as, as if, as though, so…as, than


  • He could not complete his work as he ran out of time.
  • The young boy is as smart as his father before him.
  • Dylan acted as if it was real.
  • The hungry boy ate as though there was no tomorrow.
  • His grandfather does not see so well as his grandmother.
  • This fish is bigger than the one James caught yesterday.