English Language is a beautiful language. It is a language spoken by everyone around the world at different time in one’s life, in different level and somehow it is a language that brings a lot of different cultures together to understand each other in varying degree. It’s not only necessary to master English Language but being able to speak and understand fluent English gives you the edge.

I started learning this language from the age of 7 beginning with the alphabets A, B, C {don’t everybody do this} and as I advanced into my teens I felt inadequate with the level of my knowledge of this language. I yearned for someone, an expert, a master of English Language to tutor me but my options were slim as I came from a poor family with Chinese Language background, all my other siblings and people I grew up with were Mandarin speaking. There was never any English reading materials available for me to practise this language.

My break came when I was 15, my English Language tutor touched on the subject of grammar and I was delirious, I absorbed all I could during the 40-minute class. My delight was short-lived, so was my quest to take myself to another level.

Years later, I stumbled upon this book that gave me a very clear explanation of what the grammar of English Language is all about; why and how are sentences constructed. I began to understand better what are verbs, adjectives, nouns etc., what are tenses made up of and how to use them correctly. This tattered yet fantastic book is called “The New First Aid in English by Angus Maciver”.

I am forever grateful to the writer, Angus Maciver. Since then I have this strong urge to share my knowledge with all the “who wants to know” of the world. I hope all who visited my site found what they are looking for and that my step by step explanation is helpful to all ; new and old. I will also welcome any feedback to improve on my future postings.